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Let's see how this goes.

This blog is really just an experiment. I felt the need to find a place better than Twitter and Instagram to write down my thoughts and ideas as they hit me. It won't be consistent and it won't always make sense. I feel like this is similar to therapy where you need to get out your emotions to feel better, I have random ideas and thoughts that I would like to put into the world and potentially spark dialogue and debate. It's conflicting to have ideas that may solve someone's problem but neglecting to introduce it to the world so it's almost like a secret to yourself.

Some of this will seem like nonsense and gibberish and some will be obvious and obnoxious. The key to connecting sometimes is to occasionally speak in a different language or have a different dialect.

These posts may be a paragraph or two long or they might be a chapter or two long. It'll be decided completely by how I feel when writing one of these.

They say (Who is they?) write for yourself, so that's what this will be. If someone else gets something out of it or wants to start a conversation about it then fantastic!

Stay tuned.


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What’s up buddy how have you been? Coming out to Cali anytime soon.

caleb balbuena

Tyler White
Tyler White
Apr 07, 2023
Replying to

Hey Caleb! Nothing planned currently, but these trips pop up randomly a lot of the time. I'll keep you posted if I head out there. Hope all is well!

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